What are ATP SIGs and how do they function?

Special Interest Groups (“SIG”), are related to a specific assessment topic that is important or relevant to a region. Their formation is subject to the approval of the Board of Directors and must conform with the following provisions:

  • Individuals seeking to establish an interest group are required to submit an Initiative Proposal form to ATP staff. ATP staff can respond with any questions or suggestions and then, upon approval of the CEO, forward the form to the ATP Board of Directors.
  • An interest group can apply for ATP recognition when the group reaches a total of five members who are from organizations (or subscribers) that are current in their dues.
  • Individuals from Regular and Associate member organizations, as well as Subscribers, are eligible to participate in an ATP Special Interest Group. There are no restrictions on who can serve in a leadership role in such groups.
  • There is no fee required to join a SIG. If the members of a SIG vote to apply a fee to participants, a free proposal will need to be submitted to the Board since the collections of funds will have to receive approval and a formal account setup through ATP.
  • Individuals involved in a specific SIG will select a Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary.
  • All SIG's must adhere to ATP's Antitrust Guidelines.
  • SIGs can establish webpages on the ATP website.
  • SIG leaders are not require to attend Board Meetings, but are required to submit quarterly reports to the ATP Board using the Reporting Template.


EdTech & Accessibility SIG

Health Sector SIG

Public Sector SIG