About the Association of Test Publishers

Established in 1992, The Association of Test Publishers is a non-profit organization representing providers of tests and assessment tools and/or services related to assessment, selection, screening, certification, licensing, educational or clinical uses.

ATP members are pledged to promote and advance the integrity of assessment services and products and their value to society; and dedicated to the highest level of professionalism and business ethics within the test publishing community.

Our Structure

ATP's membership is composed of the leading publishers and assessment services providers in today's testing industry. A Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors head up the Association. A Chairperson is selected each year from among the Board members and serves a one-year term of office. Each practice area of testing has its own division: Certification/Licensing, Clinical, Education, Industrial /Organizational and Workforce Skills.  ATP also has Regional Divisions in Asia, Europe and India. Click here for an organizational chart.

Our Mission

  • To promote and preserve the general welfare of testing and its value to society, in all its forms and uses.

  • To organize test publishers into a permanent body to foster and maintain collegial relations among themselves, and to establish through the Association working relationships with other professional and business groups whose interests and activities affect the test publishing community.

  • To encourage a high level of professionalism and business ethics throughout the testing community.

  • To serve as the principal organization that monitors and responds to regulatory and legal rulings as well as legislative, regulatory and judicial initiatives that pertains to the business of publishing and applying test and assessment instruments.

  • To increase the strength and cohesiveness of the test publisher community by providing programs of education, training and exchanges of ideas on operations and industry trends.

Member Benefits

  • Networking: Meet your colleagues and leaders in the test publishing / assessment services industry at the ATP's annual Conferences, or at Divisional or Committee Meetings throughout the year.

  • Advocacy: ATP members have a voice in the nation's capital, in state legislatures across the U.S. and in the international test publishing community. ATP monitors all legal actions and legislative initiatives that impact the industry and provides members with alerts and updates.

  • Publications: ATP members receive the Test Publisher industry newsletter and have access to the on-line Journal of Applied Testing Technology ("JATT"), providing news on trends and issues in the testing and assessment services industry. ATP members are also eligible for special discounts on model guidelines and publications focusing on copyright and other industry issues.

  • Advertising: ATP members have a listing on the ATP web site with links directly to their organization's web site. And they receive discounts for job listings on the ATP website. ATP members receive a discount for listing job opportunities in the ATP Career Center.

  • Protection: The ATP Security Committee is dedicated to exploring and collaborating on best practices that ensure maximum protection for Intellectual Property and copyright, both in the traditional paper and pencil testing arena as well as in all Internet and digital arenas.

  • Education: ATP members are eligible for member-discounts both as attendees and as sponsors of all ATP's meetings and events.

Member Dues

Dues are based on a company's annual revenues which are derived from testing, assessment and related materials and services. All dues are assessed on the honor system.

Regular Membership: All "Test Publishers" are eligible for Regular Membership. The term "Test Publisher" applies to any individual, company or organization that develops, validates, markets, sells, scores or interprets and/or provides tests and/or assessment tools with psychometric properties or services related to assessment for selection, screening, certification, licensing, educational or clinical uses.

All test publishers must have at least one professional, qualified in testing and assessment, on staff or under contract, who holds at least a doctorate in psychology or measurement, or substantially equivalent experience and/or expertise deemed satisfactory in the judgment of the Board of Directors.

Regular Members receive all ATP publications including the Test Publisher and have access to all areas of the ATP Website. Regular Members have voting privileges and may serve on the Board or committees.

Associate Membership: Associate Members are any individual, company or organization that is not a test publisher as defined under Regular Membership and that sells to or buys from the test publishing industry. Associate Members receive ATP publications and have access to all areas of the ATP Website. Associate Members may join committees and divisions, but do not vote or hold office.

Subscriber: ATP Subscribers receive the Test Publisher and have access to restricted areas of the ATP website. Subscribers may join committees and divisions but they do not vote or hold office.