Advancing equity, integrity, and learning

Our Purpose

Standardized tests and assessments are the accepted method to measure skills, knowledge and interest in many disciplines. These tools are used for selection, screening, certification, licensing, educational, and clinical purposes. Tests and their results influence millions of lives every day, whether it is in school, at work, or in other settings.

The Association of Test Publishers, was founded to promote and develop testing and assessment best practices and to facilitate an environment that would benefit test-takers, businesses, educational organizations, and society in general. Led by a Chief Executive Officer, a Chief Operating Officer, a Chair elected for a one-year term, and Board of Directors comprised of recognized leaders in the test publishing community, the Association charges itself with defining professionalism for assessment and ethics, and promoting adherence to these principles. To achieve this purpose, ATP focuses on two primary initiatives: advocacy for the industry and education for its members.


ATP monitors legislative, legal and regulatory bodies that commonly deal with testing issues. This effort reflects its mission to inform the public and governmental bodies about the contributions and critical role that professionally developed and administered tests play in our society.


ATP provides educational and training programs for its members including newsletters and journals, conferences and annual meetings. Through its programs ATP fosters an environment that promotes the exchange of ideas on testing issues and trends.

Because well-developed tests are a valid way to assess knowledge, skills and aptitudes, it is imperative that the testing community promotes and adheres to professional, fair testing methods and practices. Well-developed tests can influence the adoption of teaching methods, the diagnosing of learning disabilities, the accepting of college applicants, the certification and licensing of skilled professionals, and the hiring of new employees. And ATP supports the development of tests that fairly and accurately assess individuals.


• To promote and preserve the general welfare of testing and its value to society, in all its forms and uses.

• To organize test publishers into a permanent body to foster and maintain collegial relations among themselves and to establish, through the Association, working relationships with other professional and business groups whose interests and activities affect the test publishing community.

• To encourage a high level of professionalism and business ethics throughout the testing community.

• To serve as the principal organization that monitors and responds to regulatory and legal rulings as well as legislative, regulatory and judicial initiatives that pertain to the business of publishing and applying test and assessment instruments.

• To increase the strength and cohesiveness of the test publisher community by providing programs of education, training and exchanges of ideas on operations and industry trends.