Welcome to the ATP Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Testing Standing Committee.

The “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Testing Committee”, role is to inform ATP Members 
as well as the broader testing community of strategies and best practices for equity and fairness
in testing as well as to stimulate dialogue to encourage innovative approaches to diversity,
equity and inclusion in testing.

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For more information refer to the following documents:

DEI Committee Charter

DEI in Testing Glossary

Supplemental Information:

ISO 30415:2021 Diversity and Inclusion in HR https://www.iso.org/standard/71164.html

The Inverted Pyramid – Institute for Justice https://ij.org/report/the-inverted-pyramid/


Andre Allen (Chair)
[email protected]
Alex Casillas (Vice Chair)
[email protected]
Kelly Dages (Secretary)
[email protected]
Standards Guidelines & Legislation: Camile Thompson ([email protected])
Assessment Design & Science: Pamela Stemmer ([email protected])
Testing Technology & Access: David Solot ([email protected])
Test Taker Inclusion & Opportunities: Jack Jones ([email protected])
Test Publisher Governance & Culture: Walt Jiménez ([email protected])