Spring 2014

Volume 14 / Issue 1

Table of Contents

    1. Expanded Bylaws
    2. Public Sector SIG
    3. Security Update
    4. ATP/ICE Collaborate
    5. New ATP Blog
    6. E-ATP Conference

ATP Board Approves Expanded By-Laws

New By-laws go to membership for vote

"Making the world smaller for testing," is how ATP Treasurer Marten Roorda, CEO of Cito described the most recent revision of the governing structure for the Association of Test Publishers to better accommodate International members.  In a unanimous vote at their March meeting,  ATP's Board of Directors approved the new set of By-Laws, which, after being ratified by the membership, will serve to guide the Association on its continuing path towards becoming a truly global trade association.Read the full article.

ATP Public Sector SIG Holds Inaugural Meeting

"Making Public Sector Recruiting Cool" was the tag line on an invitation sent to dozens of Public Sector recuriting offices globally to test their interest in a Public Sector Special Interest Group being considered by ATP.  Responses came in from more than 30 global organizations indicating a resounding interest in the development of a Public Sector SIG. The ATP Board responded by officially approving the SIG and setting the stage for a new subset of ATP members to create an active group aimed at focusing on public service assessment as it relates to recruitment. Read the full article.

ATP Security Committee Continues to Explore New Ways to Fight Infringement

In a move that will hopefully make it easier to fight online copyright infringement, payment processing companies including American Express, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, Visa and others have adopted a new set of "best practices" for handling claims againt websites selling infringing content. It's a hopeful development in a fight that has been frustratingly impractical in the recent past. Read the full article.

 ATP and ICE to Collaborate on Innovative Item Types

The Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) and ATP have agreed to collaborate on a set of activities leading to the publication of an educational treatise on Advanced Item Types (AITs), which will focus on psychometric research related to AITs, as well as examples from live examinations, and materials for use in presenting such items to decision-makers and item writers and to those who score such items.Read the full article.

 ATP Launches New Website for the Journal of Applied Testing Technology (JATT)

ATP has launched a new website for the peer-reviewd online Journal of Applied Testing Technology (JATT).  Readers will be able to subscribe to the Journal, access archived journal articles and benefit from a professionally indexed publication. JATT will continue to be edited and peer-reviewd by an ATP editorial board lead by Chad Buckendahl of Alpine Testing, but its online presence and indexing is being managed by Informatics, an India-based leading publisher of online journals. Read the full article.

Calling all ATP Bloggers...

ATP is launching a blog titled "The Value of Testing to Society". This is a place where ATP members can log in and tell their stories about the benefits of testing and assessments services to businesses, educational institutions, governments, certifying groups, etc. This is an opportunity to counter the "negative PR" that so often proliferates in the media. This blog will be viewable by the public, but blogs and comments must come from ATP members, or guests invited by ATP members. Please consider contributing to this blog -- we know the stories and testimonials are out there! Read the full article.

E-ATP Prepares for Sixth Conference in Budapest

The European Division of the Association of Test Publishers (E-ATP) is preparing to host their sixth annual Growing Talent in Europe: Gaining Advantage Through Assessment Conference at the five star Kempinksi Hotel Corvinus in Budapest.  This year's conference theme is Employee Mobility in Europe and has been designed to highlight how assessment is being successfully used to help with education, employability and professional development testing, as well as finding assessment solutions to fulfill language testing, qualification mapping, citizenship testing and vocational skills requirements.  Read the full article.


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