Volume 4 
July 2002 
Issue #1

Ensuring Fair Testing Practices: The Responsibilities of Test Sponsors, Test Developers, Test Administrators, and Test Takers in Ensuring Fair Testing Practices, Barbara S. Plake, Buros Center for Testing, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Patrick Jones, Excelsior College, July, 2002


The focus of tests today oftentimes centers on ways to provide good quality tests to test takers in a cost-effective manner. Test sponsors are concerned about the policy issues related to test use; test developers must prepare a test that meets both the purpose and specifications articulated by the test sponsor and the technical standards for quality tests. Test administrators are responsible for test delivery in ways that protect the integrity of the test scores and the security of the test product. Test takers often have limited options in when, how, or why they are taking the test, and may feel victimized in the process. The purpose of this paper is to focus on the test taker and to consider how all parties in the test process (test sponsor, test developer, test administrator, and test taker) have a role to play in ensuring fair testing practices and valid test results.