Welcome to the ATP Health Sector Special Interest Group

Aims and Objectives


The objectives of the Health Sector SIG include bringing together the health care sector with the testing industry in order to advance assessment and testing in health care through innovation, best practice, networking, and the exchange of information and expertise. Specifically, within the context of the ATP program, the SIG will facilitate dialogue on key issues and challenges in testing for education, licensure, and workforce recruitment in the health sector.

Strategies and Approach

The Health Sector SIG has identified a number of strategies to achieve its purposes, including:

  • serving as a voice for health-related issues in testing and assessment;
  • encouraging the exchange of information and expertise relevant to the health sector by encouraging networking at ATP conferences and events;
  • making presentations and contributions to ATP programs; and 
  • facilitating the participation of individuals and organizations within health-related industries who are not currently members of the ATP.

Interim Leadership Group

Following the well-represented meeting held in conjunction with the 2015 ATP Innovations Conference exploring interest in a Health Sector SIG, a leadership group has been established to initiate the development. The interim leadership of this group is:

  • Ian Frank AM (Chair) – Medicine
  • David Waldschmidt (Co Chair) – Dentistry
  • Ada Woo (member) - Nursing

For more information on the Heath Sector SIG or to be added to the mailing lists contact: Susan Buick

The SIG intends to expand this group to include representatives of other health professions and key stakeholders in this area.

For more information contact Health Sector SIG Chair Carl Matheson