ATP's 2022  Global Security Summit was held

in-person in London 11 October 2022  

ATP's third annual Global Security Summit took place in-person, on the 11th of October, just prior to the start of the 2022 E-ATP Conference in London. The next Summit will be held in 2023 in Vienna, at the same venue as E-ATP 2023 and just prior to start of the E-ATP conference. You will have the option to register for the Security Summit at the same time as you register for E-ATP.

What is the ATP Security Summit all about?  This will a deep-dive into a security and privacy issue that impacts the assessment industry. Past Summits have focused on AI, remote proctoring, and test fraud.  The 2023 deep-dive topic will be announced soon. At the Summit you can count on hearing leaders inside and outside the industry that are impacted by new regulations, laws and technologies that surround industry challenges. The Summit is a perfect way to drill -down to relevant issues and warm up for the E-ATP Conference that will kick-off after lunch. 

Registration and Sponsorship for the Security Summit will open, along with E-ATP Conference Registration