ATP's 2023  Virtual Global Security Summit

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The 2023 ATP Global Security Summit is scheduled to be a virtual event August 22-23, 2023 and will take a deep dive into security and privacy issues impacting generative AI impact on exams and whether this AI is an imminent threat or new opportunity. 

In November 2022, not just the assessment industry but the world was rocked by the launch of ChatGPT, an openly available AI generator. While the broad impacts of these technologies are unknown, it’s clear that generative AI can be leveraged by test takers to gain unfair advantage in high stakes exams. It is reportedly capable of writing essays and short answer text responses good enough to pass academic exams and mental ability tests. ChatGPT is just one of a number of generative AI programs which can generate text, images, sounds and other artefacts that are hard to distinguish from human creations. Such programs are likely to advance rapidly in the near future - bringing both opportunities and challenges to assessment programs.

On August 22 & 23rd, ATP will bring together leading AI and test security experts in a virtual Security Summit to consider the test security issues posed by generative AI like ChatGPT. They will address questions such as:

• Is it possible to reliably, fairly and usefully detect AI generated text? 
• Does proctoring prevent use of generative AI?
• Are there question types or assessment styles that are resistant to generative AI responses?
• What benefits to test security are there from generative AI programs?