Fall 2015

Volume 15 / Issue 3

Table of Contents

ATP Writes to the Oval Office


E-ATP Holds Successful Conference in Dublin


India-ATP Lights the Lamp in New Delhi


European Union Declares Security Framework Invalid


ATP Monitors Re-write of No Child Left Behind Act in U.S. Congress


ATP Welcomes New Board Chair


New Release From ATP: Proctoring Best Practices



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ATP Writes to the Oval Office

There comes a time when it's time to write directly to the Oval Office.  ATP's CEO Dr.  William G. Harris decided that time had come this fall when President Obama issued new directives focusing on standardized testing in schools, followed by a joint statement from current Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan and incoming appointee, John King.  [Read the full article]

EATP Holds Successful Conference in Dublin

Gaining Advantage Through Assessment 2015

The European Regional Division of ATP (E-ATP) held its seventh annual Gaining Advantage Through Assessment Conference in Dublin, Ireland. More than 260 attendees participated in content sessions and enjoyed new features which included an Innovations Challenge, Roundtables with Ignite presenters and additional Security sessions. [Read the full article]

India-ATP Lights the Lamp in New Delhi

Launches First Conference

With the time honored tradition of “Lighting the Lamp”  to symbolize dispelling ignorance with knowledge, the India Regional Division of ATP (I-ATP) kicked off its inaugural conference held at the Habitat Centre in New Delhi India on November 20. [Read the full article]

European Union Declares Data Security Framework Invalid

Decision could impact thousands of businesses including ATP members

On October 6, 2015, the Court of Justice of the European Union declared invalid the more than 15-year-old EU-U.S. Safe Harbor Framework. Thousands of businesses have relied upon the Safe Harbor Framework to ensure that transfers of employee, consumer, user and other personal data from the EU to the U.S. for storage or processing are compliant with the EU's strict data privacy rules. However, now with the EU high court's decision, there is significant uncertainty on both sides of the Atlantic, as stakeholders must assess the operational, practical, and legal implications of EU-to-U.S. data transfers in the absence of the protections of the Safe Harbor Framework. [Read the full article]

ATP Monitors Re-write of No Child Left Behind Act in U.S. Congress

ATP has been closely monitoring the U.S. Congress as it goes about rewriting the controversial “No Child Left Behind Act”, which is the current version of the Elementary and Second Education Act (ESEA). [Read the full article]

ATP Welcomes New Board Chair in 2016

Andre Allen, a Vice President at General Dynamics Information Technology will take up the reigns of leadership at the Association of Test Publishers as Board Chair in 2016. Allen,  who worked for a founding member of the Association of Test Publishers has what he called a "twofold agenda" for his tenure as Chair. [Read the full article]

New Release from ATP

Proctoring Best Practices

The Association of Test Publishers and the National College Testing Association (NCTA) has released its co-authored publication, Proctoring Best Practices, now available in the ATP Bookstoreand also on Amazon. [Read the full article]


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