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August 25, 2020

ATP's Online Journal of Applied Testing Technology (JATT)

issues a Call for Papers


Special issue to focus on: Online Remote Proctored Assessment: Issues and research in high stakes settings


Deadline for abstract submission is October 1, 2020; Authors have until December 31,

2020 to submit papers.


Assessment delivery methods have been evolving with advances in technology, including online administration to any location in the world with Internet access.  In recent years, high stakes testing organizations have begun using online delivery to remote locations (e.g., testing at home) in conjunction with video monitoring of test takers by human and, recently, AI proctors.


The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote online assessment in high stakes settings, as lockdowns and social distancing have transformed all means of social interaction to virtual (online) modes.


This JATT special issue will be devoted to empirical research and theory-driven articles examining key issues in the use of online remote proctored assessment in a range of high stakes assessing organizations, such as educational admissions, certification, licensure, and employment. The aim of the special issue is to address open questions and provide evidence to guide best practices for consideration by professionals and organizations that design, implement, establish standards or accredit high stakes assessment programs.


There is no shortage of open questions about different remote proctoring methods and protocols, including but not limited to: psychometric quality; comparability of scores in multi-mode delivery; security risks addressed or new ones raised; candidate experience reactions and impact upon performance; whether human proctors are more or less effective when monitoring in person vs. web cam; effectiveness of AI proctoring; whether test fraud occurs more or less as function of testing mode; and whether content is more or less susceptible to compromise.


Researchers representing a wide range of applications in high stakes assessment are encouraged to submit abstracts for papers by October 1, 2020.  The editorial board will provide feedback and encourage papers for submission, which will be due by December 31, 2020.  The target publication date is Spring 2021.


Further information regarding the submission process can be obtained at the JATT website.