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ATP is a global, nonprofit organization representing providers of tests and assessment tools and/or services related to assessment for clinical, occupational, certification, licensure, educational or other similar professional measurement uses.  ATP members are the leading publishers and assessment service providers in today's testing industry who are committed to encouraging international strategies which advance the position of the industry, its technology, and the science that supports it. [Contact us: ATP Inquiries]

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When you join ATP you are part of an international network of members committed to advancing the integrity of assessment services and products and their value to a global society. In fact networking is the number one reason our members give for joining! Members also receive discounts on conference registration and sponsorship, career center listings and advertising, as well as an enhanced marketing profile in the industry. Even more importantly, ATP members support the only organization committed to the unique challenges of the entire assessment community as a whole.

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News Flashes from ATP

ATP is restructuring globally. Although ATP was founded as a trade association in North America in 1992, testing and assessment have been developing into a global community at a rapid pace. Consequently ATP added a European Division in 2005, an Asian Division in 2011, and in 2013 a founders' group organized an India Division. Accordingly, ATP is now poised to become recognized as the global trade organization for test publishers.  For more information on these important changes, click the continue reading link below.

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