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Mission and Purposes
Today, the public sector as a whole faces two key challenges – managing in times of austerity and the impending retirement of the baby boom generation - with the significant depletion of expertise and experience that this implies, and the inevitable necessity for those remaining to do more, with less. The purpose of the group is to help public sector recruiters to meet the challenges they face by promoting best practice, and enabling them to work together to ensure high standards in the use of selection methodologies. In addition, its aim is to advocate the development of efficient, effective, modern, accountable, cost-effective, attractive and fair selection and recruitment procedures across the public sector, in particular through the use of modern testing and assessment methods.





A Brief History
The concept of a Public Sector Special Interest group focused on testing and assessment issues in public sector recruiting was first made public in 2012. A dedicated group of organizations, lead by ATP in concert with the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO), planned and launched an inaugural International Public Sector Assessment for Recruitment Conference (IPSAR) in Madrid. The  conference was supported by the Instituto Nacional de Administracion Publica, CEB/SHL, Prometric and Hudson, and was well received by attendees from a number of public offices across Europe and the Americas. Presentations from the conference can be downloaded from this link: PRESENTATIONS.  Due to the success of IPSAR the decision was made to create an ongoing special interest group housed by the Association of Test Publishers. In 2014 The ATP Board offically reconized the Public Sector SIG.


Our Leaders
In 2014 the ATP Public Sector SIG will be lead by:
Chair: David Bearfield, Director, EPSO
Vice Chair: Martha Helena Lopez, Director of Strategic Planning and Staffing, UN
Download a list of members here: ATP Public Sector SIG Directory
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